A service typically includes processes, people and technology.  Our Service Improvement offerings can be applied to a wide range of services that your organization provides, but much of our experience is centered around:

Call Center, Service Desk and Help Desk


Direct Path helps you define, document, measure, analyze, monitor and improve services in these three areas.  We assess your processes, technologies, organizational readiness and governance structure to provide recommendations and to develop a roadmap to improved services and reduced costs.  Our offerings include:   

  • Vision Workshop

  • Service Assessment

  • Service Design

  • Service Implementation 


Once we help you define, design and implement the improved offerings for your internal or external customers, we leverage our Service Management expertise and tools to measure, track and continually improve those services.  An estimated 80% of Global 500 companies have implemented best practices for Service Management based on ISO 20000.  We utilize the same international standards as the foundation for our solutions. 

Direct Path can help you answer the tough questions:
  • Do we have a sound vision and strategy to improve the services we offer?

  • How do we continuously improve the services we provide?

  • How can we reduce our current spend without sacrificing quality?

  • What metrics should we measure and how?

  • Should we "build" or "buy" to improve our services?

  • How do we optimize staffing levels to meet demand?

  • How do we minimize our risk if we outsource?

  • Where can we get quick wins?

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