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Welcome to Direct Path. Our charter is simple: We help our clients save money and improve the services they provide to customers.

Failure is painful

Today's business environment is changing at light speed, and many executives can barely keep up. That's where Direct Path can assist. Our clients typically hire us for one of three reasons:

  1. Their organization does not have the skill set or experience to tackle a critical problem
  2. They simply do not have the time or bandwidth to work the problem
  3. They need an objective, trusted advisor to assess the problem or guide the way

Without help, mission critical initiatives often fail - causing organizations to spend beyond budget, fall behind schedule, lose key employees, or alienate loyal customers. That's where Direct Path can assist.

Direct Path helps you succeed

One consulting firm can't be good at everything. That's why we bring an alliance - or virtual team - of individuals and companies that can leverage their past successes to solve your current problems.

Our team combines practical experience, proven methods and rock solid values to deliver real, measurable results in the areas of Program Management, Process Improvement and Service Improvement.

Finding the most direct route to success isn't easy. All parties should be willing to ask the difficult questions and be willing to hear the honest answers. Call us today at 317.605.4163 to see how Direct Path Alliance can help solve your most challenging problems.

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